Funding is allocated four times a year.

Application deadlines are: 

July 31 for Fall programs

October 31 for Winter programs

January 31 for Spring programs 

April 30 for Summer programs 

Applicants must apply for the requested activity before the organization's registration deadline for that activity. If the activity does not have a registration deadline, your application must clearly indicate it is an “ongoing activity" 

Participants are not eligible for Bob Gale Recreation Funding if already registered and participating in the program. If this is an "ongoing activity", you must apply for funding prior to the next registration period.

Healthy lifestyle activities including individual, group/team sports; recreational and leisure activities are eligible for funding. (*Please note: Traveling Teams or Competitive Sports are considered elite sports and are not eligible for funding) 

An application form must be completed and submitted to the Bob Gale Recreation Fund Committee c/o City of Niagara Falls or online at www.bobgalerecreationfund.com/ 

Funding can be used to cover activity registration fees, equipment costs, and transportation costs for the applicant. 

Funding is available for one activity per session.