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Sun Feb 24, 2019
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How to Apply


The Bob Gale Recreation Fund application process is as follows.

Each year, funds made available from the Niagara Community Foundation for the Bob Gale Recreation Fund as well as other donations will be distributed through an application process. The Committee will meet four times per year to review applications.

Applications will be accepted until:

If you have not received a letter of approval/denial within one month following the submission deadline please feel free to contact us at bobgalerecfund@yahoo.ca

Please Note:
Our Fund’s guideline for frequency of submitting future applications has changed. In order to extend our budgeted funding to include as many applicants as possible, applications from any individual applicant may now be submitted once every two years.

Apply on-line now or pick up an application at one of the following locations:

Individuals must complete an application including at least two references (ie teacher, minister etc.) by the deadline to be considered.

The confidentiality of individuals applying for financial assistance will be protected to the fullest extent possible. As part of the review process, the Committee may solicit the advice of other knowledgeable individuals or organizations.

Applications will be reviewed by the Bob Gale Recreation Fund Committee. The Committee’s decision making process will be transparent through a consensus process. All Committee members must agree with the decision or agree with the decision of the Committee can be approved. Assistance will be granted based on financial need


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