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Sun Feb 24, 2019
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In January 2008, Bob Gale Jr., proprietor of Gale’s Gas Bars Limited, made a $1.25 million commitment toward the construction of a state of the art arena facility in Niagara Falls. Mr. Gale designated one million dollars of the donation toward financing the construction of the facility, and $250,000 to a fund that will provide financial assistance for individuals of all ages from Niagara Falls who, due to financial constraints, are unable to participate in active and healthy lifestyle pursuits.

Start up funding for this program, a commitment of $100,000 over three years, was provided by Jim Diodati and the Sleep Cheap-Charities Reap Committee through the generous contributions of local hoteliers.

Application forms are available on the fund website www.bobgalerecreationfund.com and can be submitted on-line or sent to the Bob Gale Recreation Fund Committee, care of the City of Niagara Falls. Applicants will be approved based on need, benefit, and funds available.

The Bob Gale Recreation Fund Committee will ensure the fair and equitable distribution of funds to eligible applicants in Niagara Falls, while protecting their privacy and confidentiality.

Each year, submission deadlines for applications are as follows: July 31st for Fall programs, October 31st for winter programs, January 31st for Spring programs and April 30th for Summer programs.

Donations and discounts from other local businesses are encouraged, and the entire community can help by getting the word out about the availability of the fund to assist those who need it. As Bob Gale states,“ It doesn’t matter if you are 8 or 80, we want to encourage all individuals from Niagara Falls to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle and the fund has been established to assist those who can’t afford to do this without a little help.”

For more information please contact:

Bob Gale


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